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Poland Bridge Progress. 03/30/04     Poland Bridge Progress. 03/11/04     Poland Bridge Progress. 02/20/04     Poland Bridge Progress. 02/07/04
Poland Bridge Stands on Own. 02/02/04     Poland Bridge Progress. 01/27/04     Poland Bridge Progress. 11/21/03
Poland Bridge Progress. 11/06/03     Poland Bridge Progress. 10/14/03     Poland Bridge Progress. 9/22/03     Poland Bridge Progress. 8/18/03     Poland Bridge Progress. 8/05/03     Poland Bridge Raised. 7/14/03     Work Continues on Poland Bridge. 7/07/03
Work Resumes on Poland Bridge. 6/23/03
Archives: Stabilization Work Complete on Poland Bridge 2/12/01- 4/23/01
Archives: 2nd Phase Planning of Poland Bridge Restoration to begin. 4/5/01

Poland Bridge Rehab Progress [WGN 45-08-02]

Poland Bridge. Photo by Jim Ligon, April 1, 2004
Poland Bridge - On upstream side looking north.
Windows cut, siding following the top of the arch.
Photo by Jim Ligon, April 1, 2004
Poland Bridge. Photo by Jim Ligon, April 1, 2004
Arch bearing plate is hidden behind siding.
The cover to the right of the "birdhouse-like" cover hides an arch through-bolt.
Photo by Jim Ligon, April 1, 2004
April 1, 2004 - Pictures being worth a thousand words, Jim Ligon, Alpine Construction foreman, has sent along some of his photos to show some of the final touches completing the restoration of the Poland Covered Bridge.

A new bit of covered bridge trivia - With the reconstruction work complete, the Poland, or Cambridge Junction Covered Bridge, is the only Burr Arch span in Vermont where the arches act upon the faces of the abutments. The arches in all of the others terminate near the ends of the lower chord. (The arches in the Pulpmill Bridge in Middlebury/ Weybridge also act upon the abutment face-walls, but the Pulpmill Bridge uses a laminated arch, not a Burr Arch.)

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