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Poland Bridge Restoration Progress [WGN 45-08-02].

November 6, 2003 - Reconstruction of the truss continues at the north end of the bridge and has begun on the south end.
       A slight delay was caused last week when heavy rains brought the Lamoille River out-of-banks making it difficult for the construction crew to move around the bridge. The surrounding fields and roadway were under water. The water level actually came within seven-inches of reaching the bridge, said Jim Ligon, construction foreman.
       The crew is working hard to retain as much of the historic bridge fabric as possible. However, as work proceeds, more rot and damage is being uncovered requiring original wood to be replaced by new. A case in point, noted Ligon, an earlier reconstruction altered many of the knee-braces: The tenons were cut off and the knee-braces were reinstalled with nails. This contributed to the severe racking found on the bridge, Ligon said.

Poland Bridge. Photo by Joe Nelson, Nov. 6, 2003 Poland Bridge. Photo by Joe Nelson, Nov. 6, 2003
The first three panels of the north end of each truss are very nearly completed.
Photo by Joe Nelson, Nov. 6, 2003
Note the replaced knee-braces, correcting a problem caused by a prior reconstruction.
Photo by Joe Nelson, Nov. 6, 2003

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