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National Society for the preservation of Covered Bridges

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Sunday March 24, 2002 at 1pm Meeting will be held at the Plymouth Church, 87 Edgell Road, Framingham, MA.

Sunday April 28, 2002 at 1pm Meeting will be held at the Plymouth Church in Framingham, MA


The next newsletter is scheduled for April 2002. Therefore, anyone wishing to submit any photos, articles, etc. should submit them to Carmela or KC by March 20, 2002. THANK YOU!

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Ohio Covered Bridge News

This brief trip report from Lionel A. Whiston covers four covered bridges in Union County, Ohio.

My wife Debbie and I recently spent several days visiting our daughter Kristen at Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, OH. While Kristen was in class Friday, March 30, 2001, Debbie and I visited four nearby covered bridges in Union County.

The first covered bridge we encountered was 35-80-04, the Little Darby Bridge. We took pictures of this and all the other covered bridges we came across. The Treacle Creek Bridge (35-80-03) was closed to traffic because of repair work. A detour had been set up a few yards north of the bridge, crossing the small stream by a paved ford. We talked briefly with the Union County crew working on the bridge. I asked how much of the bridge was being replaced and was told that only the roof was being replaced. They said that last year the crew had re-roofed the Little Darby Bridge and that the Spain Creek Bridge (35-80-02) was scheduled to be done next. The Upper Darby Bridge (35-80-01) appeared the most in need of work, at least paint and some new siding boards.

I'm not an engineer and can't make judgements about the soundness of each bridge. With that caveat, I think all four are structurally in good shape. I was pleased that Union County is looking after the bridges, investing money in their care. I had no trouble finding the bridges using my DeLorme atlas of Ohio, but I saw no signs of any kind indicating the way to the bridges. Most if not all are close to a highway and easily visible from that road.

The last issue of the Indiana CB Society's newsletter contained a trip report regarding some extensive bridge visiting in Ohio and Pennsylvania, concluding sadly that a lot of maintenance seemed in order in those two states. I'm not contradicting that view, but I am reporting that my tiny sample of four bridges in one county has a much more positive conclusion.

Upper Darby Bridge. Photo
by Lionel A. Whiston, March 30, 2001 Winget Road Bridge. Photo by
Lionel A. Whiston, March 30, 2001
Upper Darby Bridge (35-80-01)
Photo © 2001 Lionel A. Whiston
Treacle Creek Bridge (35-80-03)
Photo © 2001 Lionel A. Whiston
Upper Darby Bridge.
Photo by Lionel A. Whiston, March 30, 2001
Little Darby Bridge (35-80-04)
Photo © 2001 Lionel A. Whiston
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Covered Bridge Gets New Home Over Nissitissit River.

Covered Bridge Crafts in
Brookline, NH Photo by Dick Roy, Sept. 3, 2001
Covered Bridge Crafts in Brookline, NH (29-07-00)
Photo © 2001 Dick Roy
The NH Telegraph, September 3, 2001. (Submitted by Dick Roy) It used to be the entrance to the Covered Bridge Arts and Crafts Center located on Route 101A in Nashua, NH and was scheduled to be demolished after the store had closed its doors. Built about 28 years ago at 8 feet wide, 12 feet tall, 48 feet long, it will be the right size for a footbridge. It is not long enough to cross the Nissitissit River which is about 100 feet wide at the point where the bridge is needed. In March 2002, Brookline voters will be asked to choose between bridge ramps to both of the bridge ends or extending the length of the bridge.

This bridge (29-07-00), given to the town of Brookline, has been moved just off of Route 13 about 6 miles from Route 101 South. Go south on Route 13, about 6 miles to the blinking light and take a right turn. The bridge can be seen just as you turn the corner. The name of the road is believed to be Meeting House Hill Road. You may be able to see the bridge from Route 13.

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Westford, Vermont Dedicates Covered Bridge.
by Dick Roy

About 50 people were present for the dedication of the 163-year-old Browns River Covered Bridge in Westford, Vermont. It was a fairly mild day and many old friends were on hand for the dedication. The event culminated 14 years of work by Caroline Brown and members of the Westford Historical Society.

Several speakers praised the 1836 Burr Arch Bridge and the efforts spearheaded by Caroline Brown to restore the structure to its original site on the Cambridge road spanning the Brown's River.

A steel bridge was built in 1965 when the covered bridge was no longer safe for vehicular traffic. Ten years later the Westford Historical Society decided to complete repair of the 137-year-old bridge. Twelve years after that in 1987, the bridge again needed significant repairs. The historical society regrouped to begin the process of repairs.

Milton S. Graton, using oxen and capstan, hauled the bridge to the edge of the field near the Westford Town garage. National Geographic documented the moving of the structure, where it would stay for 14 years. The Historic Society applied for grants, held ham and bean dinners, bake sales and sold T-shirts, etc. to raise funds for the bridge restoration. In the early days of the fund-raising about 45 people began the effort and ultimately, for the most part Caroline Brown remained.

ln 1991 through the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA), the grant writing skills of Kathleen Robie secured grants in 1995 and 1999. Proper permits were acquired and the project went out to bid.

With the advice of Philip C. Pierce, consulting Engineer and covered bridge specialist from Binghamton, N.Y., the Renaud Brothers from Vernon and Messier House Moving of East Montpelier, and with contributions from many bridge devotees, the Brown's River Bridge, having been restored by the Renaud Brothers, made the journey on July 20, 2001 back down the Cambridge Road to be mounted on the repaired abutments on July 21.

Phil Pierce presented Caroline with a plaque, in honor of her dedication and tireless efforts to the project, which read, "In grateful recognition of Caroline Brown...for her determination and tireless efforts from 1987 to 2001 in Rehabilitation of the Brown's River Covered Bridge...from her friends in the Covered Bridge Community."

The National Society for the Preservation of Covered Bridges, the Vermont Covered Bridge Society and the New York State Covered Bridge Society, as well as many close friends donated to have the permanent plaque installed at the bridge site.

Joseph Nelson presented Caroline with one of his books "Spanning Time - Vermont Covered Bridges."[and an Honorary Life membership in the Vermont Covered Bridge Society].

I received a thank you card from Caroline. It reads as follows, "I wish to thank the National Covered Bridge Society for the honor of receiving the bronze plaque, on behalf of my efforts of the Browns River Covered Bridge restoration project.

"It was a commitment the Westford Historical Society made some 14 long years ago and it's a real feeling of accomplishment to have the bridge restored for the bridge community and for the town. Thank you again for the recognition with the presentation of the plaque!"

We need more people in the preservation world like Caroline Brown. I wish to thank Caroline at this time for her efforts and unlimited energy for her enduring efforts to preserve another of our precious treasures, our Remaining Covered Bridges. Thanks again Caroline.

Westford Bridge. Photo
by Dick Roy, Sept. 29, 2001 Slate Bridge Dedication. Photo by
Dick Roy, October 6, 2001
Westford Bridge on Dedication Day (45-04-05)
Photo © 2001 Dick Roy
Slate Bridge Dedication (29-03-06)
Photo © 2001 Dick Roy

Slate Covered Bridge Dedication, Swanzey, NH (29-03-06 #2)
by Dick Roy
The dedication of the Slate Bridge on Westport Village Road in Swanzey, NH took place on October 6, 2001. The bridge was torched by arsonists on March 8, 1993.

The traditional iron rods and turnbuckles that have been trademarks of the bridge for many years will be missing from the scene. The entire bridge was replaced with new material.

About 150 people showed up for the event from as far away as NY state and Pennsylvania. With engineers from the firm of Hoyle and Tanner, town dignitaries, state Senators among others, praising the work accomplished by the firm of Wright Construction of Mount Holly, VT.

After the dedication, I asked Dick and Jeannette Wilson to stop by the car, which was parked a short distance from the bridge. (Dick is president of the NY State Covered Bridge Society, NYSCBS.) I used the excuse of wanting to show him something I had recently acquired. I did indeed show him and gave to him what I had recently acquired. A model of the Harpersfield Bridge by Scaasis Originals, Inc. Why? It was Dick's birthday. The gathering was small and short and then everyone went on his way. (Scaasis donated several models to the NSPCB.) Look for these models in Cracker Barrel stores throughout the nation.

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Spanning New York State
Covered Bridge News

By Bob and Trish Kane

Delaware County:
Fitch's Bridge. Photo by Bob and Trish Kane
October 28, 2001
Fitch's Covered Bridge - NY 32-13-02
Photo by Bob and Trish Kane, October 28, 2001
Fitch's Covered Bridge - NY 32-13-02 Great news! Following a brief opening ceremony on December 20, the Fitch's Covered Bridge is once again open to traffic and looks fantastic. It certainly is encouraging to see county officials who are truly dedicated to preserving their bridges. Fitch's Bridge is the last of three covered bridges in that county to be restored. Well worth a trip to see each of them. At this time, it is not certain if there will be an official dedication in 2002, but we will keep you posted. Congratulations to Delaware County for doing such a tremendous job on each of their covered bridges. (Note: We have seen the spelling of Fitch's with, and without an e, but we gratefully stand corrected by several historians in Delaware County, that the proper spelling for the Fitch's bridge is without the e.)

Sullivan County:
Halls Mills Bridge. Photo by Bob and Trish Kane
October 28, 2001
Halls Mills Covered Bridge - NY 32-53-01
Photo by Bob and Trish Kane, August 19, 2001
Halls Mills Covered Bridge - NY 32-53-01 Following our August 19 visit to this bridge where we discovered some charred floorboards, we placed a call to the Sullivan County Department of Public Works and spoke with Bob Trotta, an Engineer for Sullivan County. He mentioned that because this bridge is no longer in use, and due to its remote location, it becomes an easy target for vandalism. We spoke at length about the bridge and what could be done to help prevent such incidents. One suggestion was to post a public notice on the bridge indicating the fine and punishment for any type of vandalism to the bridge. Although posting a warning notice will certainly not be a cure-all for vandalism, it might leave enough of a concern in someone's mind to think twice about spray painting graffiti, or starting a fire on the bridge. For those of you who have visited Lancaster County, PA, you are familiar with these notices as they are posted on most of their bridges. It seems to help, as we noticed very little graffiti or vandalism to their bridges. Following this conversation and subsequent e-mails, Sullivan County has agreed to consider posting notices on their bridges.

Other news:
DeLorme Atlas Project - In your next newsletter, we hope to be informing you that the DeLorme Atlas Project is "in the mail." This has certainly been a challenging project, but so much fun, mainly due to all the wonderful assistance we have received from other covered bridge enthusiasts. What a super group of folks! There are only four states to complete: California, New Jersey, Virginia and Washington. If you would like to help with any of the remaining states, write, e-mail or give us a call. Bob and Trish Kane, 167 Williams Rd., Sherburne, NY 13460, e-mail:, phone: 607-674-9656.

State and National Register of Historic Places Certificates - Work continues with covered bridge owners to set a date for the presentation of these certificates. Many of them would like to combine the presentation with an upcoming event in their town and will get back to us with a date. Certificates yet to be presented are for the Hyde Hall, Ashoken/Turnwood, Grants Mills, Copeland and the Newfield covered bridges.

Covered Bridge Driving Tour - It always surprises us to hear folks say, "I never knew New York State had any covered bridges!" And, of course, their next question is, "how do I find them?" Soon, they will no longer need to ask that question. A driving tour of New York's covered bridges has begun. Hopefully, it will be a valuable tool for new (and old) covered bridge enthusiasts and will heighten the awareness that New York State does indeed have covered bridges. Thanks to each of you and as we begin this endeavor.

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Illinois Covered Bridge News
by Mary Ann Waller
Recently talked to a gentleman from the Chamber of Commerce in Greenup, Illinois and this is the information that I found out on their brand new covered bridge. As of now, it's being called the Cumberland County Covered Bridge, but it has not been officially dedicated as of yet. And for now, he knew of no name that had been given to the bridge officially. It's a one span, 200 foot, free standing bridge over the Embarras River built in October 2000. It was built on the same roadbed as the Jackson Covered Bridge -- back in 1832 but went down (he thinks in a flood) in 1865. They received the last grant that the government granted for wooden structures -- $2.8 million.

It is built to hold up to 80,000 pounds but the road leading up to the bridge will only hold 14,000 pounds. The reason for the 80,000 pound government restriction was because of the grant. It was built 6 feet higher than the previous Jackson Covered Bridge, hopefully to avoid the bridge from floating away during a flood. It was built and put together in Wisconsin, then disassembled and sent to Florida to be laminated. It was then shipped to Greenup, Illinois to be put back together on the spot where it rests today. It has a fire alarm system on the bridge that is connected to the fire department.

A recent article in the Greenup, Illinois paper said that they had a survey to see how many cars were using the bridge and they determined that between 450 and 500 were driving through the bridge. They are tickled to no end with this figure. Greenup seems to be very proud of this covered bridge. Unfortunately he did not know what kind of wood or type of covered bridge it is.

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A New Covered Bridge in La Matapèdia in Ste Florence, Quebec, Canada
New Covered Bridge. Photo © Gaïtan
New Covered Bridge in Ste Florence, Quebec, Canada
Photo © Gaïtan Ruest Ing.
by Gaïtan Ruest Ing.
The picture is of the last built covered bridge in La Matapèdia...more exactly in Ste Florence. It was built on a community government financially supported project this last fall. It will be mainly used by the snowmobilers going by Ste Florence. It looks like the Amqui Anse St-Jean covered bridge since its colors are just about the same.

My project of moving the Beausèjour covered bridge of Ste Odile in Amqui is still on the go. I am working very hard to find the necessary money to make it.

Bill Fisk Obituary: Christine Ellsworth let us know that Bill Fisk, from Rochester, Michigan, one of our members, passed away on December 8, 2001. Bill and Mary Lou were on the Safari in Pennsylvania in 1999. Those of you who knew Bill, would say that he was pretty energetic and an excellent photographer. Now another member has passed through the Bridge.

Second Arson Attempt On Ohio Bridge
A second attempt of arson on the Lynchburg bridge, OH 35-14-11/36-06, took place during the early morning hours of November 11th. Fireman confirmed that the arsonists had attempted to burn both abutments as they found dry leaves, papers, and rags stuffed down on top of the bottom cords of both sides of the bridge.

The fire department was still there attending the bridge the next morning. It had been smoldering for quite some time and did considerable damage.

Starting at the abutment, the three bottom chords were burned all the way through and started to burn upward on some of the vertical timbers. The bridge was built in 1870 over the Little Miami River, connecting Highland and Clinton counties. Now by-passed, it is 120 feet long with a Long Truss.

File Cleaning

From Dick Roy: The Union Leader, Manchester, NH, September 29, 2001. Grant to Help Protect Covered Bridges. The federal government is giving the state $380,000 to install dry sprinkler systems and a fire suppression coating on four of New Hampshire's covered bridges. The bridges receiving the funding are: the Cornish-Windsor bridge over the Connecticut River, Saco River bridge in Conway, County Covered Bridge over the Contoocook River in Hanover and the Honeymoon Covered Bridge over the Ellis River in Jackson.

From Dick Wilson: Delaware County Times, NY, June 15, 2001. Extensive Decay Adds to Bridge Restoration Work. Fitch's Covered Bridge (32-13-02) located in Delhi, NY is going through extensive restoration work. Every trunnel, both levels of lower bottom chords, and some of the lattice members will be replaced due to rot and damage from rodents and powder post beetles. Also the corners of the abutment caps have been removed and new concrete bearing areas for the longer trusses have been cast.

From G. Robert Salvi: The Boston Sunday Globe, Boston, MA, Sept. 9, 2001. Mass. Highway Spending Jumps. The covered bridge on Poland Road in Conway, MA (21-06-01) will be turned into a pedestrian bridge according to Massachusetts Highway Commissioner Matt Amorello. They can no longer find a tree big enough to replace the giant chestnut timbers that once held up the structure.

From Andy Howard: The Boston Sunday Globe, November 18, 2001. Old Span To Stay Underwater. The wreckage of a bridge more than 175 years old has been discovered by divers on November 4th at the bottom of the Connecticut River. The structure was built between 1810 and 1812 and was located between Putney, VT and Westmoreland, NH, but flooding washed it away the first spring after it was completed. The remnants of the span have been recorded for posterity on videotape by the Putney Historical Society.

From Dave Topham: USA Today, March 8, 2001. The Oxford, Alabama City Council voted to spend $23,000 to replace the state's oldest covered bridge. This bridge, over a century old, was build in 1900 at Coldwater Creek and was moved to Oxford Lake in 1990. It is currently closed off to the public.

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Other available books from the Society Store
Covered Bridges of Vermont by Ed Barna. This is a book depicting all the covered bridges in Vermont in the year 1996. Postpaid $17.00 (From June Roy)
New Hampshire Covered Bridges "A Link With Our Past," by Richard Marshall, color photos by Arthur Round. Excellent book on NH bridges. $20.00 plus $3.95 shipping and handling. Proceeds to Eastman Fund.

There is also an excellent book out on Vermont Covered Bridges called: "Spanning Time" -- Vermont Covered Bridges. You can get a copy by contacting Joseph Nelson, 2 Sugar Hill Road, Underhill VT 05489 or Visit >< Joseph Nelson is the President of the Vermont Society.

New Book: Covered Bridges of Washington State by Lorna J. Smith, published by The Owl's Nest. This 26-page booklet has color photos of 21 covered bridges found in Washington. A brief statement about each bridge is included with directions on how to find it. Order from the author at: P.O. Box 105, Clatskanie, OR 97016. Cost is $6.75 (includes postage).

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