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Tunbridge's Mill Bridge Reconstruction in Photos

Tuesday, 16 May 2000

Bridge. Photo by Dick Wilson, 5/13/00

Hi Joe, Saturday we took a ride up to Tunbridge to see how the work was coming along. Both trusses are done and are upright. All the floor beams are in. Talk about OVERKILL. I don't think they should have used so many floor beams, but that's the way they spend the money! It looks good and will be able to hold a tank. here is a picture of the bridge. They are just starting the roof. Dick Wilson

Bridge. Photo by Dick Wilson, 5/13/00 A view of the truss joint and floor beam.

Friday, 14 Apr 2000

Hi Joe & Bill,
I got home last night* at 11:00 after going 550 miles for the day. I'm sure glad I could meet everyone. Now I can put a face to those I write to. I enjoyed the day.

Bridge 2nd truss started. Photo by Dick Wilson, 4/13/00         On the way home I visited the Mill Bridge in Tunbridge. The workers were gone. They have started work on the 2nd truss that they are building on top of the first truss. They have the steel beams across the river so they can move the new bridge across. The work seems to be coming along very well.

[*After attending the first Director's Meeting of the Vermont Covered Bridge Society in Cambridge, VT - JN]

Bridge truss close-up. Photo by Dick Wilson, 4/13/00

Here is a close view of the multi-kingpost truss.

Dick Wilson

(May 19) Says Dave Earl, a project coordinator for Daniels Construction: ". . . The verticals (king posts) are select structural douglas fir and the diagonals (braces) are dense select structural douglas fir . . . . It was my job to count hardware and lumber, get pricing and order the material. It was quite a challenge. . . . The project is ahead of schedule."

Saturday, 25 Mar 2000

Hi Joe,
We had to go up to Canada to put some finishing touches on the Safari route. We also found out that Coaticook, Canada has a covered bridge, not listed in the Guide. It was damaged by the same floods that damaged the Montgomery,VT bridges a few years ago. They completely rebuilt it.

Bridge build begins. Photo by Dick Wilson, 3/24/00         On the way back we stopped in Tunbridge and found them working on the new covered bridge. They had just started work on it on Monday. They have one truss laid out and I saw them install two counter braces. It looks like they are doing a great job. The Truss is of western Hemlock and the chords are Southern yellow pine. The foreman said that they were going to use native Hemlock, but Phil Pierce upped the dimensions, and they had to go west to get the size.
        The picture was taken the 24th. Dick Wilson (

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