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The Keatings Explore Pennsylvania & Delaware, Part VII

Gettysburg Engine
Gettysburg Railroad Station
Gettysburg Engine with Liz and Tom

Hi Folks
On Saturday, September 27, 2008, we drove to Gettysburg and rode the Pioneer Lines Scenic Railway. I have attached three pictures--Gettysburg engine, station with Liz, and engine with both of us--courtesy of a friendly volunteer conductor. The Gettysburg train, along with the other 3 trains are all volunteer operations and are looking for volunteers.
    After the train ride we drove to Jack's Mountain bridge, the only remaining covered bridge in Adams County open to vehicular traffic. It is the only bridge in Pennsylvania that uses traffic lights to control traffic across the one lane bridge. There was no place to park, so I let Liz out and drove thru the bridge and turned around 3 blocks away. She was able to get 2 pictures--one including the traffic signal and weight limit sign(see scans). We previously visited Sauck's bridge and the other two were private. Liz decided that she just wanted to return to the motel, rather visit the private bridges.
    On Sunday we drove to West Chester, Pa. about 10 miles from our motel. The West Chester Railroad was chartered in 1831 and is 1 of the oldest railroads in the country. I chatted with the President of the railroad (a volunteer organization). We arrived at the ticket office about 10:30 and the 1st train did not depart until 12 noon. We had allowed time for getting lost, which indeed did happen, thanks to construction and one way streets, but were still early. The president and another officer told us that the ticket lady would arrive about 11:30. I told the president that I would be doing a travelogue of our covered bridge/rr trip, and would include pictures of the West Chester RR. I gave him the VCBS website address. He said that he would mention it at their next meeting. I don't know if this will get the VCBS any new members, but certainly some new readers. I have attached the following: Wester Chester sign, Glen Mills station & engine, Liz and Glen Mills station and West Chester RR engine.
    After the train ride we drove north into Berk's county to visit four covered bridges: Pleasntville, Greisemer's Mill, Wertz and Kutz Mill. I photographed the Wertz bridge truss detail because of the stair step truss. We had previously visited Dreibelbis Station bridge. I have attached three pictures of Pleasantville: interior, outside with and without barrier.
    I have att'd one picture of Greisemer's. Wertz bridge is located in the Berks' County Heritage Park, where Liz took a picture of me in front of a "Distlefink" statue (Amish name for bird of paradise). There are two pictures of Wertz, portal and side view with reflection in the stream. Notice the Amish circular good luck signs on the portals. I understand the Amish started painting these on their barns.
    We visited 49 bridges and rode 4 trains this trip. I'll stop here before this msg gets too big.

Jack's Mountain Bridge 38-01-08
Jack's Mountain Bridge 38-01-08
West Chester RR Engine
West Chester RR, Glen Mills Station
Glen Mills Station and Engine
Pleasantville Bridge 38-06-01
Pleasantville Bridge Truss
Pleasantville Bridge Barrier
Greisemer's Mill Bridge 38-06-03
Wertz Bridge 38-06-06
Wertz Bridge 38-06-06
Wertz Bridge Truss
Kutz Mill Bridge 38-06-05
Distlefink and Tom

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