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The Keatings Explore Pennsylvania & Delaware, Part V

Pinetown Bridge 38-36-05

Hi Folks
An afterthought--Liz notes that all Bucks County have town lattice Trusses (Schofield has both queen and town lattice trusses).
    On Thursday the 25th we started on the Lititz & Countryside tour. We visited Hunsecker's Mill, Pinetown, Zook's Mill and Erb's Mill bridges
    Notice the weight limit signs in the Hunsecker and Pinetown pictures. As for weight limits, if there is no weight limit sign posted, I believe the limit is a standard set by PennDOT which is probably 25 tons. Some bridges have barriers hung from the portals to prevent overweight trucks.
    Note the missing siding in Zook's picture. Again, I hope PennDOT (PA Dept of Transportation) or Lancaster County is aware.     
Incidentally, the reason so many of the bridges have "Mill" included in their name is because they were built to provide access to a gristmill for grinding wheat into flour, frequently using a waterwheel and dam for power.
    We ended this tour at lunchtime in the town of Lititz. We took a tour of the Julius Sturgis Pretzel bakery, the oldest hard pretzel bakery in the USA. The tour was interesting, included a free bag of pretzels, an "Official Pretzel Twister" Certificate and cost $3 each. There was a pretzel store where you could buy pretzels.
    In the afternoon, we drove the Northern Amish Countryside tour, starting with Bucher's Mill (2 scans, one with a weight sign)
    Next were Red Run, Weaver's Mill, Pool Forge and Bitzer's Mill. There are 3 scans of Pool Forge, one with Liz, One with portal and one full side view. There are 2 scans of Bitzer's Mill, one with a weight sign and one with an Amish buggy.

Bitzers Mill Bridge 38-36-04
Bitzers Mill Bridge 38-36-04
Buchers Mill Bridge 38-36-12
Buchers Mill Bridge 38-36-12
Erbs Mill Bridge 38-26-34
Erbs Mill Bridge 38-26-34
Huneckers Mill Bridge 38-36-06
Pool Forge Bridge 38-36-01
Red Run Bridge 38-36-10
Weavers Mill Bridge 38-36-02
Zooks Bridge 38-36-14
Zooks Bridge Hurricane Agnes Flood Level

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