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The Keatings Explore Pennsylvania & Delaware, Part IV

Schofield Ford Bridge 38-09-13

Hi Folks
On Wednesday, the 24th, we drove to Bucks County visiting Schofield Ford first. Liz and I like the interior picture with the sunlight streaming through the side while she walks the bridge. The next two bridges are Van Sant and Pine Valley. We then tried to find South Perkasie, but were unsuccessful. We did find Mood's bridge, now rebuilt, after being destroyed by arson. It is now one-way. We parked in a soccer team parking lot and took pictures, including one from a footbridge about 100 feet away that leads to the soccer field. The final three bridges are Sheard's Mill, Knecht's, and Frankenfield. We then drove back to the motel.

Schofield Ford Bridge 38-09-13
Van Sant Bridge 38-09-03
Pine Valley Bridge 38-09-12
Moods Bridge 38-09-07
Moods Bridge from foot bridge
sheards Mill Bridge 38-09-06
Knechts Bridge 38-09-02
Frankenfield Bridge 38-09-09

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This file posted 12/17/2008