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The Keatings Explore Pennsylvania & Delaware, Part II

Bartram Bridge PA-15-17/23-02
Bartram Bridge portal
Bartram Bridge interior

Hi Folks
      On Monday , September 22, we decided visit Chester County bridges, using a driving tour brochure prepared by the Chester County Visitors office. There are three tours in this brochure--Northeastern Chester County, Octoraro Frontier and Mason-Dixon Line.

      We decided to do the north-east tour first. The first bridge is Bartram's, with a portal "as high and wide as a load of hay." As you can see, there is a gate across the bridge, preventing anyone from walking through it. It was bypassed in 1940.

      The next bridge, Harmony Hill, we skipped, since we had visited it previously. Larkin bridge (38-15-11) was the next, and proved to be a source of some frustration, since it was not there. We asked a park maintenance man if he knew where it was and he told us that the county tried to move it and it fell apart.

      Hall/Sheeder is the next bridge. Notice the double arch truss in front and a third, barely visible behind. I have attached two photos of Kennedy, the next bridge on the tour. Notice that Kennedy and Hall both have stair-step portals.

      I have attached three photos of Rapp's Dam, including one showing some missing siding. I hope that PennDOT is aware of this. We skipped Knox bridge, the last one on the tour, since we visited it previously.


Hall/Sheeder Bridge PA-15-12
Hall/Sheeder Bridge interior
Hall/Sheeder Bridge
Kennedy Bridge PA-15-13
Kennedy Bridge
Rapp's Dam Bridge PA-15-14
Fitch's Bridge. Photo by Gabrielle Buel December 20, 2001
Rapp's Dam Bridge
Rapp's Dam Bridge & Liz

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