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Renovation Continues on East Fairfield Covered Bridge (cont.)

East Fairfield Covered Bridge. Photo by Joe Nelson September 4, 2008
This is the top of the easterly queen post of the upstream truss. It is the tenon for one of the two main tie-beams. Note the nailer used to support the end of the rafter beam.
East Fairfield Covered Bridge. Photo by Rae Laitres August 29, 2008
This is the base of the west end-post of the downstream truss. Note that the-end post and bottom chord are no longer connected. Apparently the end of the chord had rotted and was cut off. The end-post was then mounted on a newly poured abutment cap, definitely a practice unacceptable today. Note also that the chord end is resting on stone instead of the required wood bed timber.
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