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The Bridge is Built

One of the bridges that needed to be replaced was the one that
crossed the Kingsbury Branch near the farm of Isaac Cate.

Considerable debate and several votes ensued without any
resolution. Finally to settle the issue, Larned Coburn offered to
build a bridge and give it to the Town with the proviso that it be
located near his house and a road built to pass through it.. This
was accepted; one might presume, thankfully.

Larned Coburn was born in Cabot in 1800 but came to live with
an Allen family in the town of (then) Montpelier when he was
12. He stayed on to marry the Allen daughter, raise a large
family and run a prosperous farm. He built the house that is just
east of the Coburn Bridge; at that time at the end of the road.
The nearest bridge was on the Cate Road -- about half-mile
upstream -- but there was no road from Larned's house along
along the river to this crossing. Since more than half of his land was
on the side of the river opposite his buildings, it meant a long
round-about trip to get to these fields.

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