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The bridge was built in 1851 by Larned Coburn and given as a gift to the town. The only
covered bridge left in East Montpelier, it crosses the main stem of the Winooski River, just
down stream from the confluence with the Kingsbury Branch. It is of Queen post design and
when built, was almost entirely of wood. During the 150 years that have passed, the bridge
has survived the ravages of time, innumerable floods, and several encounters with large vehicles.

Not much of the original bridge survives. A concrete floor on steel beams replaced the wooden deck and supporting timbers in 1974. Extensive reconstruction to the framing was done in 1997. The roof is new, as are many of the outer boards.

The bridge is typical of the many small covered structures that for many years carried the traffic of Vermont over the rivers. Only 70 feet long and certainly not up to modern standards, it is nevertheless a source of local pride and a nice way to get to the other side of the river.

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